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Statement of Women’s Participation in 2015 Myanmar General Elections

As you all may be aware, Myanmar held their historic elections on November 8, 2015. Women’s participation is integral to democratization and peaceful transition of Myanmar. To ensure that, the newly elected leaders are urged to address the importance of women participation at the parliament.

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GPPAC Southeast Asia Statement on Rising Militarism and the Importance of Article 9 as a Peacebuilding Mechanism in the Asia-Pacific Region

The Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) Southeast Asia network convened in Melayu Patani/the Deep South of Thailand in October, 2015. Discussion focused on ongoing crises in the region such as political repression and armed struggles; the volatile peace process in Melayu Patani/the Deep South of Thailand; the changing global and regional security situation; and the role of peoples and civil society in peacebuilding. Concerns were raised regarding the increasing militarization of the entire Asia-Pacific region, exacerbated by territorial disputes, increasing military expenditure, and provocations and rising nationalisms that fuel a vicious cycle.

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During this year’s celebration of the International Day of Peace, we, the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict-Southeast Asia (GPPAC-SEA), lend our voice to some of the most invisible and disenfranchised sectors in our society. There are other sectors that are equally invisible, but in light of the recent developments in the region and around the globe, we seek to highlight the plight of women, of indigenous and ethnic peoples, and the hundreds of thousands of peoples who are stateless and internally displaced.

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A Call to Preserve Japan’s Peace Constitution: Support the Global Article 9 Campaign

We, the members and conveners of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict in South-East Asia (GPPAC-SEA), support the global, regional and local calls for Japan’s current government to halt its efforts at amending and reinterpreting its 1947 Peace Constitution, particularly Article 9, which deals with Japan’s security and defense. In attempting to expand Japan’s peacekeeping and mutual defense role in the region by reinterpreting Article 9, the Japanese government now hews dangerously close to discarding the peace-compass Japan has steered by over the last six decades.

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The success of peace in the Bangsamoro is not just for the peoples of the Bangsamoro and the Philippines, but ours as well in region.

We are meanwhile mindful of the concerns raised by stakeholders whom we met in Cotabato and Manila during our visit with regards to inclusivity of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) and the delay in its submission to the Congress of the Philippines. We hope that these concerns are listened to and addressed.

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