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A Postscript to the Wealth Sharing Deal

The health of a peace negotiations built on trust and consensus on the substantive agenda will always serve as basis of our “sense of urgency” battle cry which goes beyond the deadline issue. As you carry out agreeing on the remaining Annexes on Power-Sharing and Normalization and the final agreement, our two-pronged essential project now is making the Bangsamoro an imperative in the public and policy agenda and encouraging the public to own and extend support to this transformative process.

We, the Mindanao CSOs, guarantee our steadfast commitment in seeing through the process even beyond the final agreement to be reached by both Parties – until the full establishment of the Bangsamoro government.

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At the Cusp of Peace

As the GPH and MILF peace panels wrap up their 31st round of Formal Exploratory Talks in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we the Mindanao Peace Weavers (MPW) await the outcomes with keen concern, interest and hope. In the decades-long process from conflict to peace in our time, we continue to remain hopeful and pray for a transformative agreement.

Our spirits are buoyed by the resolve exhibited by both panels in the depth and seriousness of their preparations prior to each meeting. The manifest willingness to remain open in defining and sharing solutions, despite the difficulties linked to critical details, reflects the admirable spirit and goodwill driving the peace process. We send our encouragement and well-wishes to all involved at this stage of the talks.

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Peace Networks Urge GPH and MILF : Install Transition Mechanism, Suspend ARMM Elections

The Mindanao Peaceweavers (MPW), the broadest civil society peace network in Mindanao with solidarity groups in Manila and Visayas, is calling for the suspension of the 2013 elections of regional posts in the Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) but called for the continuation of the same for provincial and local positions. The MPW proposal […]

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MPW lauds meeting of President Aquino and Chairman Murad

The Mindanao Peaceweavers welcome the historic meeting last night between President Aquino and Moro Islamic Liberation Front Chairman Al Haj Murad. This augurs well for peace in Mindanao. We hope that this unprecedented meeting will lead to an unprecedented agreement and not only an unprecedented peace, but justice and progress as well in our beloved […]

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Meaningful Peoples’ Participation: Essential for Genuine and Lasting Peace in Mindanao

Filled with the spirit of joy, reconciliation and peace, we, the Mindanao Peaceweavers, join our Moro brothers and sisters in celebration of today’s feast of Eid’l Fitr as we renew our hopes of realizing peace for all peoples of Mindanao. Together with all Mindanaoans, the Mindanao Peaceweavers (MPW) celebrates the end of Ramadhan and awaits […]

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