The Bangsmoro Basic Law (BBL) could have been the legacy of a visionary 16th Congress, working to inspire an entire nation, uniting all Filipinos in a common desire for a just and sustainable peace in our time. The 16th Congress’ passage of the BBL would have provided the clearest answer yet to the long-simmering Mindanao Question that has drawn tears, sweat, blood and lives from many of our generations, past and present alike.

The BBL could have been a lasting legacy of an administration that vowed to straighten the path on a failed experiment, granting the Moro people an equal place at the table, an equal voice in the discourse, a homeland to govern with Moro pride and dignity.

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Seeking Healing and Peace on Mamasapano and for Mindanao

Today January 25, we remember with grieving the tragic event that took the lives of 5 civilians, 44 members of the PNP Special Action Forces (SAF) and 18 members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and other armed Moro combatants. Each life so suddenly ended and leaving families, communities, and our nation in lingering pain.

Despite investigations by both Houses of Congress and the Department of Justice, as well as by the PNP Board of Inquiry, the MILF, and the International Monitoring Team among others, the truth of the tragic event still has to be fully known. Unfortunately, the variations in the initial reports of these bodies indicate that the way to this truth will never be easy, and may not be helped by further investigation at this time when the electoral season has begun.

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Solidarity! (Volume 1 No. 1), a quarterly publication of IID

Welcome to the first issue of the SOLIDARITY!, the quarterly E-newsletter of IID.

This is a re-launch of the same IID publication printed initially more than 28 years ago when IID was still in its gestation period.

At IID’s precursor organization, Center for International Learning (CIL) – Tuluyan San Benito based in Quezon City in the Philippines, the rst issue of Solidarity – sans the exclamation point (!) – was born. It was produced by the then motley IID team of 5 people who believed in a better world if peoples from both the “South” and “North” and those in the “East” and “West” embrace the notion of “people-to-people internationalism”. Start-up and bold ideas and opinions such as “south-south solidarity” and questioning the relevance of the UN at a time of continuing strife even at the twilight of the Cold War were some of the issues that we tackled in the maiden issue.

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APCET: Child of a People’s Struggle

This book was a long time coming.

We had intended to put down in writing the more than 10 years of our work, in supporting the struggle for self-determination of the East Timorese through the regional solidarity formation that we helped establish: the Asia-Pacific Coalition for East Timor (APCET).

Our purpose was to sum up our experience and draw valuable lessons and practices – both good and not so good- those were generated by our accompaniment so as to share the discourse to those who find themselves in akin situations today and in the future.

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